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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Teri Is Going To Washington DC

Despite a few setbacks, I will be traveling to Baltimore, MD and then to Washington DC the last week in June. Johnson and Johnson's Dare To Care Program is providing a grant to help pay some of my expenses, and we are hoping that other organizations will be joining in and serving as co-sponsors. During the trip I and members of the National Nurse Team will be meeting with members of Congress to propose an Office of the National Nurse.

Today's Community Newspapers (these are delivered in various cities in the Portland Metropolitan area such as Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, and Lake Oswego) featured a story on the National Nurse which actually was quite complimentary. "Prevention is the best way to lower health costs. Who better than nurses to teach people how to do this?" "A National Nurse would give public recognition to the valuable work that nurses perform every day," Mills said.

During my last faculty meeting of the year, I was honored by the Oregon Center for Nursing and presented with a Florence Nightingale medallion for drawing positive attention to nursing and coming up with solutions for America's health care crisis.
The back of the medal states, 'In the Name of Compassion, Hope, Peace. The Nightingale Fierce Protectress'.

Stay tuned for further news and please keep signing and forwarding the Petition for An Office of the National Nurse.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, June 09, 2005  

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Blogger Thom K in CA 

Have you contacted people who have nursing blogs and asked them to write about the national nurse initiative?

Ask them to put a link to your petition on their web site.
Anonymous Anonymous 
welldone, Teri! you are The Nightingale Fierce Protectress, indeed! thank you so much for all you do.
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