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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Our Hearts Go Out To Katrina's Survivors

We continue to hear more stories from Katrina's survivors, including the nurses who are working overtime to make sure thier patients receive care. With little food, no electricity, and a vast body of filthy water surrounding them, these nurses have stayed with their patients and are among the heroes as this crisis continues. I keep thinking what it would be like if we had an Office of the National Nurse in place. As the draft language for the bill stands now, each state would have a coordinator as well as numerous volunteer Nursing Teams with their contact information. These teams could have been easily put into place to help give relief to the nurses giving hour after hour of care. Even though the CDC and Public Health Services Commission are doing everything they can to help, it is each community's own first responders who know their people and their needs the best. I cannot emphasize once more how important an Office of the National Nurse could be for our country.

Next week, Alisa Schneider, Terri Polick, and I will be meeting with nursing and other health care leaders in WA DC to present information about pending legislation for a National Nurse. We will be writing a newsletter to report our progress, so be sure to sign up to receive one.

For a first hand report from a nurse in New Orleans, click on the title to read this heartbreaking story.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, September 01, 2005  

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