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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alarming Statistics

Today's Oregonian reported some alarming statistics related to how much health care is projected to cost by 2015. Every American should pay attention to the disconcerting fact that our elderly population will spend one in every five dollars to stay well, and that the country's total health care bill will increase to more than $4 trillion in the next ten years as reported by Health Affairs, a journal published by the Center for American Progress.

Imagine what a message to the public from an Office of the National Nurse would do in terms of helping Americans to practice health ways of living to prevent the epidemic levels of preventable diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes from occurring. We can and we must do better.

Please stand with us by signing the petition on this website and submitting your email to receive our newsletter updates about the progress we are making. Consider making a donation to the National Nursing Network Organization to support our efforts. Volunteer to submit new graphics for our merchandise on Cafe Press. If you are interested in purchasing inexpensive ad space about a health related business that you would like others to know about on this website, please write for information on how to do this.

Stay tuned, another newsletter will be coming out early next week.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, February 22, 2006  

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Blogger listener 
Type 2 diabetes runs rampant in my family.

Thanks so much for caring!
Nurses ROCK!

Support the National Nurse!
Blogger listener 

Soldiers in Iraq must be having a very scary week, with the situation there deteriorating so rapidly. And the medical units must be running on exhaustion.

I am thinking these days of my friends' son Aaron who left for Iraq in November when his firstborn daughter was only two weeks old. He's younger than our youngest, so about age 21. I've been wishing we knew how he is, and wondering how to ease the strain on our friends here in Vermont.

Well, I just got word through my sister Patti, who served as a nurse in Kuwait and is now an Air Force Captain, that there are some specific items that a medical unit serving injured soldiers could use. It might take a little of the strain out of this time to do something which is kind and useful, at least to add a little balance to the Universe.

If you would like to send something, here are the particulars, which come from Capt. Maureen A. McCann, Life Skills Nurse. Typical of a nurse, Maureen says, "Many of you are asking what you can send, do we need anything? Well, we don't, but our patients do."

She elaborates, saying: Many can't continue to wear the uniforms they come in with and do not have anything else. Here is a list of what we can use (many of you are connecting with your church or job, but even one set is great!).

Large size:
Sweat pants
long sleeve T-shirts
gym shorts (blue, black, gray only; they need to be conservative due to the area we are in)
mens underpants
small pillows (great for stuffing under or around the patient's injuries/casts to make them more comfortable for their long flight while they are on a litter.)

(We get tons of socks and toiletries.)


Mailing address for packages:

Capt Maureen McCann
APO AE 09315-9997