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Monday, February 20, 2006

Oregon Student Nurses Association State Convention

The Oregon Student Nurses Association Board of Directors invited Lillian Gonzalez, RN, BSN, from Nevada to give the keynote address for the Saturday night dinner. We wanted to share with you a portion of Lillian's inspirational speech with you:

"Indeed, healthcare is in crises. And we nurses are in a perfect position to help save it. We are the largest sector of healthcare. We have unique and special skills and insights to offer the public. We have a way of incorporating body, mind, and spirit into health recovery unlike any other healthcare discipline. We understand that preventive medicine is better than reactive medicine; that quality of life matters. An Office of the National Nurse would be possibly the most significant way to utilize our collective vast wealth of knowledge to improve the health of our nation. And I hope that you, as new leaders of the nursing profession will feel a calling to see it happen during your career."

The National Nurse Team also presented the proposal during two forums that took place yesterday. Judging by the caliber of student nurses attending this conference, the future of nursing is in very good hands indeed.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, February 20, 2006  

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Anonymous Anne Nowlin 
That the Oregon Student Nurses Board of Directors invited Lillian Gonzalez, BSN to give thier keynote address speaks volumes for their integrity and professionalism. Ms. Gonzalez has the respect of the nursing comnumity and has spoken with many nurse leaders in attempts to solve some ills of our critically ill healthcare system.

For some years, Ms. Gonzalez has been an activist and advocate for all nurses and has spoken and written of nursing.

Hers is a voice worth heeding by student nurses as Lillian speaks with passion and from the heart; but also, she speaks from an objective viewpoint, gained from knowing facts and having spoken and studied with nurse leaders.

Anne Nowlin, BSN