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Friday, April 28, 2006

Back To The Future

(Cal State Long Beach Nursing Class of 2007)

Whether the National Nurse Team presents in Portland, Oregon or Southern California or on the East Coast, they are greeted by enthusiastic, warm, and friendly nursing students. Judging by what the team has seen, the American public is in great hands with the future of nursing.

(Mt. Wachusett Community College RN students with Teri and Alisa)

The team has been impressed with the critical thinking skills of the students as evidenced by their great questions during the presentations. The students often ask similar questions as to what the older, more experienced nurses do. It is apparent that they too want a change in the way nursing is being delivered, so that the focus returns to health promotion and prevention.

(OR Student Nursing Association)

Lillian Gonzalez will be speaking to a class of nursing students in Nevada on May 9th and Teri and Alisa will have the privilege of addressing the OHSU Class of 2006 as well as the Portland Community College Class of 2006 and Class of 2007 next month.

If you are a nursing student desiring more information about HR 4903 or if there is a way the team can be of assistance, please email

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Friday, April 28, 2006  

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