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Friday, April 14, 2006

Constituents Commend Representative Grijalva (AZ)

Pictured: Representative Raul Grijalva (AZ)

The National Nurse Team has heard from several of Representative Grijalva's constituents praising his co-sponsorship of HR 4903 and his recognition of the work performed by the nation's nurses. Here is Representative Grijalva's statement:

"Our country is currently facing a nursing shortage, which will negatively impact the public health in our country. As nurses are the backbone and safety net of our medical world, we need to improve the awareness, education, and visibility of nurses. This bill seeks to improve the health, economy, and security of our country by recognizing the crucial role Nurses perform in our daily well-being.

That is why I am co-sponsoring legislation to create the Office of the National Nurse. The National Nurse will be tasked with increasing public awareness about health care issues as well as encouraging individuals to join, and remain in the nursing profession."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Friday, April 14, 2006  

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Anonymous Cheryl 
Kudos to Rep Grijalva. He has been a wonderful supporter of the citizens of Arizona.

I hope we will see more representatives join to support this bill. I would like my Republican congressmen to jump in to support this nonpartisan bill.
Blogger Kidtamer49 
I am retired but was an Aide, LPN and RN and it seemed that the more education I got, the more abused I was. How many times were you left alone on a ward, the only professional there? How many times were you asked to "pull a double" while your children were at home wondering where mommy was? Did your children even know WHO mommy was? How many pictures do you have of you and your family on Christmas morning with you in your uniform? Unfortunately, I have too many! That is why I am retired. I missed my children's childhood, my husband forgot who he was married to! All this for a paycheck that was not that great! This is nothing new. There has been a shortage of nurses for as long as I can remember. wonder! Who wants to work like that? Certainly not me! I am very happy to see that someone is finally recognizing that there are reasons for nurses leaving their profession, for choosing to be home with their children, for starting a new career. These things must be dealt with or this shortage will only worsen. Let's hope that something meaningful can be done...and soon! Thanks to those legislators who care.