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Friday, June 02, 2006

Congratulations Nursing Students and Graduates

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 ! The National Nurse Team welcomes you to the nursing profession as our peers and looks forward to working with you. Congratulations to nursing students across the country who made it through another challenging year of nursing school. You are one step closer to becoming a nurse. Pictured below are classes that Alisa, Teri, and Lillian presented to about the National Nurse Act of 2006.

(Pictured: Portland Community College Class of 2006)

(Pictured: Portland Community College Class of 2007)

(Pictured: Pamela Moore and Milar Moore-graduate students at Oregon Health Science University, Teri Mills, OHSU Faculty Mary Pate, and Alisa Schneider)

(Pictured: From Nevada State College located in Henderson, Nevada-Faculty Margo Malarkey, MHS, RN; Lillian Gonzalez, RN, BSN; and NSC SNA President Joseph Queniahan)

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Friday, June 02, 2006  

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