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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Full Support of A National Nurse

Pictured: Elaine Williams

I am in full support of HR 4903 because the American public deserves to know and understand what we do. People desperately need education in health maintenance and even more importantly in understanding their own disease processes, medications and care. I have practiced nursing for the past 32 years and worriedly watch as more and more physicians have decided that "patient teaching" is no longer part of their job, in part, due to time constraints and low or no reimbursement for their time. Nursing has always found the time to "patient teach" but it is becoming increasingly more difficult due to poor staffing and the nursing shortage.

We need an organized approach and good leadership. We need the recognition to attract fresh new recruits to this wonderful and rewarding profession. We need a loud, educated, credible voice.

Elaine S. Williams RN, BSN, CGRN

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, July 26, 2006  

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Anonymous Anonymous 
Yes, just what we need another government agency with more government employees, promoting more programs which attempt to take over your life.
Blogger Mother Jones RN 
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Blogger Mother Jones RN 
Obviously, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, you don't get it. Do you really think this office is going to take over your life? Read they bill, it’s not about taking over lives, it’s about saving them.

Know your facts before you criticize an excellent piece of legislation.

Mother Jones RN
Anonymous Anonymous 
Thanks for the pertinent comment mother jones! Clearly in all my years as a nurse I can absolutely verify the need for more public education for health care! Maybe we would have less SIDS, childhood obesity, exponentially rising diabetes rates, cancer rates, increased heart disease rates in women and other physical and mental health care issues with more education for all! Hmmm, saving lives...what a concept!