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Friday, August 18, 2006

Thank You Congressman Bernie Sanders (VT)

Pictured: Congressman Bernie Sanders (VT)

Congressman Sanders sent the National Nurse Team the following thank you note, but the real thanks go to him for signing on as a cosponsor to HR 4903.

"Thank you for contacting me about the National Nurse Act of 2006. I am proud to be a cosponsor of this bill.

The number of people diagnosed with heart disease, cancer and other potentially fatal illnesses continues to rise. People suffering from these illnesses need the best care available. Therefore, we must ensure that we not only have the best trained nurses in the world, but that our hospitals and other heath care providers have all of the qualified staff members they need to provide quality care. Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of people opting to enter the nursing profession has continuously declined and as a result fewer nurses must work longer hours, often under very stressful conditions.

The National Nurse Act of 2006 amends the Public Health Service Act to create an Office of the National Nurse, dedicated to providing support and encouragement for individuals entering the nursing profession. Additionally, it would make grants available to nonprofit groups devoted to educating the public on health priorities."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Friday, August 18, 2006  

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