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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thank You Congressman Bobby Rush (IL)

Pictured: Congressman Rush

"America's nurses comprise our nation's largest health care profession. Nurses play a vital role in meeting the health care needs of the American people. Undoubtedly, the health care industry cannot function without nurses. Nurses are the pulse of the medical field. On a daily basis nurses continue to meet the different, emerging, and challenging health care needs of the American population in a wide range of settings.

The selfless acts of kindness and compassion of nurses has not gone unnoticed. It is for this reason that I stand committed in doing my part to ensure that this country honor our nurses. In response to the serious nursing shortage facing this country it is vital that the federal government provides adequate resources in addressing this crisis. That is why I am pleased to be a co-sponsor of H.R. 4903, legislation that would establish an office of the National Nurse to improve public awareness of health issues and the role of nurses in improving health care. The National Nurse would serve as the leading advocate for the nursing profession and would work to promote public health awareness. Additionally, the Office of the National Nurse would be charged with identifying national health priorities, coordinating state teams to implement health awareness programs locally, raising the public profile of the nursing profession, and examining important nursing issues - such as staff levels and working conditions - to increase public safety.

As you know, the word nurse comes from the Latin word nutrire, meaning "to nourish". How truly appropriate that word applies to nurses, from Sojourner Truth to Harriet Tubman, American nurses have a legacy to be proud of."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, September 28, 2006  

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