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Sunday, October 22, 2006

National Nurse Legislation Update

Case In Point published a feature story about the National Nurse Campaign in its fall edition. This is in a PDF file, so you will need to download the entire journal to be able to read the story, but it is worth the wait.

While there is a great picture of the National Nurse Team with Representative Lois Capps, the original sponsor of HR 4903, the article features a picture of a nursing cap on top of an American flag surrounded by a purple stethoscope. The team wants to assure the public that men in nursing have made great contributions to the profession, and while the nurse's cap remains a symbol of the profession, it leaves out many of our most important members.

This brings the team to another point of discussion. A few of you have written and would like to see some different and more serious merchandise used for promotional materials about the National Nurse. Do you have a particular idea or picture in mind or do you know a graphic artist who would be willing to donate time to make this happen?

The logo on this website has been a huge hit, and the same goes for the Support Your National Nurse bumper stickers. Along those lines, what else do you envision as being representative of all nurses and our contributions to the public's health?

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Sunday, October 22, 2006  

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