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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

California Association of Nurse Practitioners Endorses HR 4903!

The National Nursing Network Organization is thrilled to announce the endorsement of the National Nurse Act of 2006 by the California Association of Nurse Practitioners. Here is the content of the letter we received today:

The California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP) offers its support for HR 4903, the National Nurse Act of 2006. We commend Teri Mills, President of the National Nursing Network Organization, for her hard work and dedication to this project, and to Representative Lois Capps (CA) for her leadership in crafting this legislation. HR 4903 seeks to create an Office of the National Nurse to advocate for, and to educate and empower American health care consumers. The focus of this office is to provide all Americans with preventive health care resources.

CANP officially represents 2,500 nurse practitioners in California, and unofficially represents more than 10,000 licensed nurse practitioners. These nurse practitioners represent all clinical specialties, practicing in primary, acute, and specialty care areas.

CANP supports the establishment and permanence of policies and programs that provide primary and preventive health care for all. Bridging the gaps in healthcare to meet the needs of the patient is CANP's purpose. CANP supports legislation that will improve access to that healthcare. CANP supports HR 4903.

Theresa Brown, NP
California Association for Nurse Practitioners

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, January 16, 2007  

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