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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OSNA Convention-Mission Possible

The theme of the 2007 Oregon Student Nurse Association's convention was Mission Possible. Alisa and Teri would like to thank the OSNA Board of Directors, including President Kay Kohlmeyer (pictured above, far right) and conference chair Kris Weymann (pictured above, center) for inviting them to speak to nearly 100 students who attended the session, "The Office of the National Nurse: Leadership for a New Generation".

Teri and Alisa told nursing's future that our country is in the midst of a health care crisis as evidenced by increasing numbers of uninsured, rising health care costs, epidemics of preventable health conditions, and cyclic shortages of health care workers, including nurses. We will need inspiration, innovation, and new ideas to help to solve some of the problems.

Participants heard a call to action, that nurses are positioned to contribute valuable health services and could provide the necessary leadership to improve the country's health by utilizing the now nearly 3 million nurses in the United States for teaching Americans ways to stay healthy and to focus the nation's attention on preention of illness, thus minimizing the need for sick care.

All students were encouraged to become involved in the National Nurse campaign, because it is with their help and leadership that the Office of the National Nurse will become a reality in their lifetimes.

Teri and Alisa were interviewed after their talk by the two high school students pictured above. These students were very interested in learning about ways to volunteer in the health care field and are considering nursing as their career. We would welcome them with open arms.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, March 07, 2007  

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