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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Presidential Candidates and Office of the National Nurse

The candidates for President are under way fundraising and developing their platforms on the important issues for the next election. It is clear that health care issues will be a major topic for the candidates to weigh in on. Ideas about health care reform, universal coverage, a single payer system, private insurer reimbursement and business incentives are flying around as the candidates try out their ideas on the public.

Health policy advisors for the candidates will continue to inform and advise the candidates on the important issues to focus on and speak about in their meetings with voters and campaign contributors across the country, but will they address the problems in nursing? Unless the health policy aides and the candidates are aware of the concerns nurses have for their profession and for the public they care for, nursing will again be left out of the candidate’s platform and debates.

Candidates need to know how vital planning for nurses is to any health care reform plan so they must hear from you. As the largest health care provider in the country if we all spoke out we would be recognized and the candidates would learn about the nurses roles as care provider, educator and collaborator. When our role is better understood it will be clear we need to be included in health care system decision making. The National Nursing Network Organization will be contacting all announced Presidential candidates for both political parties.

The NNNO is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to establish an Office of the National Nurse to:

Establish symbolic national leadership for a new philosophy and cultural shift to prevention in US Healthcare.

Raise visibility, enhance prestige and support recruitment to nursing and other healthcare professions.

Provide guidance for state and local leadership that can mobilize nurse volunteers and other healthcare providers at the
local level to enhance prevention and to improve health outcomes.

You have the power to help in this effort too. Contact the candidates now- offer to contribute to their campaign in dollars or effort, offer to give them information about nursing, and educate them on the Office of the National Nurse initiative.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, July 17, 2007  

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Blogger philippine_nurses 
Hi, While surfing the web, I came across your website and found it to be very information. I would like to share your website with my visitors. I was wondering if we can exchange links, please review my site .
Anonymous Anonymous 
Nurses are such a breath of fresh air,
even in politics!

We need a National Nurse and Nursecorps!!

~ listener
Anonymous Anonymous 
Just to add...
philippine_nurses' website is wonderful!

Congratulations on an excellent presentation!

My son designs websites, so I've seen quite a few,
and yours is very easy to use.

Also, I have a friend near Manila, and am so happy to see that nursing is so healthy there!

Congratulations and more power to you nurses!!

♥ ~ listener