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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Author Carla Mills Endorses National Nurse

Why do we need a National Nurse?
… because, in our country, preventable chronic diseases are causing immeasurable human suffering at unsustainable monetary cost. Because, it is not mysterious diseases that plague us, it’s our own poor lifestyle choices that are harming us. These chronic diseases – caused by our lifestyle choices – are what are overwhelming the capabilities of the healthcare system. We must learn to take better care of ourselves. So who is going to teach us?

America already has a Doctor – the Surgeon General. What America really needs now is not new medical breakthroughs or Nobel prize-winning discoveries. What America needs now is a Nurse – a National Nurse. A National Nurse would bring nursing’s commitment to patient-centered, patient-controlled care to Washington. A National Nurse would promote a policy of prevention through education. This is the critical missing piece in our current health care system. Until the healthcare system is brought into balance and becomes more responsive to the needs of patients, how can we expect to turn back the rising tide of diseases caused by our own behaviors?

Let your voice count, sign the petition calling for a National Nurse.

Carla Mills ARNP, RN
Naples, Florida

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, January 02, 2008  

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Blogger jen x 
I was so delighted to learn about the National Nurse Campaign. Nurses are amazing -- very happy to support this initiative, which I mentioned today in my blog Daily Mitzvah. Good luck!
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