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Monday, January 28, 2008

New Hampshire State Legislature Hearing for HCR 13

Pictured left to right: NH State Representative Marcia Moody and Dean of Holyoke Community College School of Nursing Debbie Orre MSN, RN, PhD candidate

Thank you to State Representative Marcia Moody for writing and introducing House Concurrent Resolution 13 into the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee. This resolution urges the United States Congress to create an Office of the National Nurse. Representative Moody was gracious to incorporate the current thinking of the National Nursing Network Organization in the resolution's language, in particular by including the following clause:

"Whereas, the National Nurse would serve as an effective complement to the existing Office of the Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services; and the position of Chief Nurse of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) is uniquely qualified to become the first National Nurse, and would be a visible symbol of nursing, and would be able to deliver a philosophy and concept to promote disease prevention and health promotion."

Representative Moody and Ms. Orre share a lighter moment during committee hearing. Debbie Orre provided compelling testimony as to why the Office of the National Nurse is needed.

"There are three main purposes for establishing the Office of the National Nurse. The first is to provide a systematic method for mobilizing nurse volunteers and other healthcare providers at the local level. Their aim is to enhance prevention and improve health outcomes at the community level with guidance from state and local leadership so they are not acting in silos.

Secondly, this Office will increase the visibility of nursing, enhancing prestige and supporting recruitment for us and for other healthcare professionals. With the shortage of nurses looming ever larger, a federal Office for Nursing will provide coordinated, strategic planning and assistance. The third reason this office is so desperately needed is so that nurses will have a national and symbolic leadership Office in place to direct us toward a new philosophy and cultural shift with prevention as a focus rather than intervention in directing the care we provide to our patients."

Pictured from left to right: NH State Representatives Judith Day and Trinka Russell
Representative Trinka Russell, who is also a nurse, also provided testimony in support of establishing an Office of the National Nurse. The resolution is now headed to subcommittee, where members will decide whether to bring it to the full House.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, January 28, 2008  

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Anonymous Anonymous 
We truly do need a focus on prevention. My sister is a nurse and I support having an Office of the National Nurse. Thank-you, neighbouring NH for caring for your citizens. I hope VT will soon follow.

~ J.M. Schulte, VT
Blogger terrintokyo 
This is a no-brainer. Sane, well-thought out and worthy of support.

T. MacMillan, New York
Anonymous Nurse Lily 
A National Nurse is the most exciting nursing development in my lifetime! I’m proud to be an American, proud to be a nurse, and proud to serve both my country and my patients. Finally, I am hopeful that we will have real nursing leadership to do what we all went into this profession to do: make a real and positive difference is others’ health. I pray that New Hampshire helps pave the way for other states to jump aboard.

Lillian Gonzalez, BSN, RN
Las Vegas, Nevada