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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Student Nurse Volunteers Join Medical Reserve Corps, Parish Nurses, and AARP To Promote Healthy Living

The Portland Community College NSNA Chapter Board of Directors with Faculty Advisors pictured from Left to Right: Alisa Schneider MSN, RN (first year advisor); Karen Walker SN (treasurer); Carey Kulp SN (President); Shannon Dunn SN (Fundraising Chair and Proud Mom of Baby Riley); Larissa Glover SN (Secretary); Teri Mills MS, RN, ANP, CNE (second year advisor); and Kindra Scanlon (pre-nursing student and Media and Design)

On Saturday, February 9, 2008 Portland Community College (PCC) nursing students will join Tuality Healthcare, the AARP, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), the OR and PCC Student Nurses Associations, and the NNNO to present a community health fair. The goal is to educate citizens of Hillsboro and surrounding areas about disease prevention and health promotion focusing on Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives to 1. Increase quality and years of healthy life, and 2. Eliminate health disparities.

The AARP will be available to talk about services their organization provides and the MRC will provide information about emergency preparedness. Groups of 4-5 student nurses will have tools in English and Spanish that integrate health literacy concepts on these topics: diabetes education, nutrition, cancer information, heart disease with blood pressure screening available and tobacco education. Within the stations, students will talk one-on-one with clients to determine potential risks or concerns, current health status and health literacy. Clients will be encouraged to take steps toward improving overall health through student’s use of motivational interviews. An evaluation tool will be included in order to gain awareness of what worked and what didn’t for each participant.

Planning Committee Meeting for Healthy Living Fair Seated from front left to front right: Sandy Madsen, RN, BSN Parish Nurse Coordinator Tuality Healthcare; Carey Kulp, Teri Mills, Weiyi Zhao, MPH Regional Volunteer Resources/MRC Coordinator Clackamas, Columbia, Washington Counties; Launa Rae Mathews, RN, MS, COHN-S OHSU Clinical Instructor; Rose Esquivel SN; and Karen Walker

Visit The National Nurse website on October 14, 2007 for more information on Motivational Interviewing.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Sunday, January 13, 2008  

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