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Monday, March 31, 2008

Oregon Student Nurses Blaze the Trail

Pictured left to right: Karen Walker SN, Carey Kulp PCC Chapter President and OSNA BTN Director, Heidi Coleman SN, Shannon Dunn SN, Larissa Glover SN, and Kindra Scanlon OSNA Media Director and PCC SNA Media Director

Congratulations to the Oregon Student Nurse delegation attending the NSNA Convention in Grapevine, Texas on their successful actions to pass their Resolution in support of a National Nurse. The importance of the Oregon student's groundbreaking resolution was underscored when the NSNA President introduced both the President of the American Nurses Association and the President of the National League for Nursing. These three leaders stood together as each spoke to present their perspective on the issues.

The Oregon students' well articulated presentations coupled with the actions of these prominent convention leaders created excitement and generated much needed attention to the resolution. The unprecedented attention and all the activity resulted in revisions that assured successful passage of the resolution. These revisions included the importance of elevating the Chief Nurse Officer position in the USPHS, also supported by the National Nursing Network Organization.

Pictured: The Oregon SNA Delegation in Grapevine, Texas

"We were amazed at the level of interest in this initiative and realized having the Presidents of the ANA and NLN in attendance emphasized the importance of this historic and much needed resolution, stated Kindra Scanlon, student in attendance. "It was flattering that they would take time to speak and assure acceptable language so that NSNA members could move the concept forward. Attending this conference was an eye-opening experience and a valuable lesson in how political action can result in consensus building. It is exciting to see progress being made towards establishing a National Nurse for prevention who will involve all nurses and improve health outcomes."

We are proud of our students, the future generation of nursing!

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, March 31, 2008  

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Blogger listener 
I am so grateful for this website, for the sake of keeping us all informed of the fine tuning of this excellent legislation as it transpires! Hurrah for nursing students! (You are the good people who will no doubt tend my needs when I am elderly, and the needs of my children and grandchildren as they grow! I am so grateful for you!!)
Anonymous Anonymous 
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