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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Haunted Hospital Emphasizes Safety and Prevention

Today the Portland Community College Chapter of the National Student Nurses Association hosted the second annual "Haunted Hospital". Student nurses are studying health promotion and leadership principles in their coursework and recognize that Halloween safety is a must. The student nurses had three goals: first, for children to learn a bit more about their own bodies and how they work; second, to help the kids understand how they can take better care of themselves and prevent accidents; and finally, to provide parents with some tips for Halloween safety.

The event was hosted in the Nursing Lab. Each bed and unit had a theme such as hygiene, bone health, bicycle helmut safety, and nutrition with a trick or treat focus. Every adult who accompanied their child through the Haunted Hospital received a handout. The students felt it was important that the information be written in easy to understand language, using these evidence-based practices to simplify their educational tool.

Use short words with only one or two syllables.
Spell words out rather than using abbreviations or acronyms.
Organize information Into chunks that improve recall and include no more than 7 items
Keep sentences short. (Bastable, 2003)

Bastable, S.B. (2003). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice. (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Barlett Publishers.
(*Bastable is one of the recommended textbooks for use in preparing for the Certified Nurse Educator exam offered by the National League for Nursing.)

Here is what students summarized as the important points for parents with trick or treaters to remember:

Visible outfit.
Street safety.
Carry flashlight.
Never alone.
Safe attire.
Inspect candy.

Prevention and health promotion, that is what the Office of the National Nurse campaign is all about. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Saturday, October 18, 2008  

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