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Monday, November 10, 2008

From Sick Care to Health Care

Thank you to Shelby Evans, Associate Editor of Advance for NURSES for her accurate and inspiring editorial From Sick Care to Health Care. Here is an excerpt from her piece:

"The uninsured. Exorbitant healthcare costs. Epidemic obesity. Preventable deaths. At a time when news on the healthcare front is seldom good, an initiative is gradually gaining traction that offers an option for bringing nursing to the forefront as a solution.

Three years ago Teri Mills, MS, RN, ANP, CNE, a nurse educator in Portland, OR, began developing a proposal that would establish a national nurse. Part advocate, part leader and part icon, this full-time position would be an expansion of the existing role of chief nursing officer within the U.S. Public Health Service.

Through the new Office of the National Nurse, the profession would gain a visible and authoritative leader on-par with the Office of the Surgeon General, and the public would benefit from coordinated, locally activated health promotion efforts."

Click here to read the rest of Shelby's article.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, November 10, 2008  

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