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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

The National Nursing Network Organization's Board of Directors hears daily from nurses across the nation who want to see change in our health care system. They tell us that it is the role of the nurse to help those we care for remain functional and well. Often we receive questions about the Office of the National Nurse initiative. We received an excellent suggestion from a supporter who recommended we add a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) link to The National Nurse website.

Here is a question we commonly hear:

We do not need a National Nurse because the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS is already the National Nurse.

This position/role is not well understood by nurses or the public. The title itself would indicate a position of stature and widespread recognition, yet few can name the Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) of the USPHS or describe the role and responsibilities. Congressional action is needed to formally bestow the title of National Nurse on the CNO to provide the status, authority and public recognition to lead mass scale prevention efforts and shift to a culture of prevention in US healthcare. The position also needs to become full, rather than half time, and focused on leading prevention efforts by encouraging all nurses and future nurses to spread prevention messages in their communities.

If you have a question or a suggestion about the ONN initiative please email Teri .

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, November 04, 2008  

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