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Monday, April 20, 2009

Washington DC Report

Pictured left to right: Debbie Orre MSN, RN (EdD candidate); Teri Mills RN, MS, ANP, CNE (President NNNO); Mrs. E. Michele Richardson, MS, BSN, RN (Director, Division of Nursing, Bureau of Health Professions - Health Resources & Services Administration); Alisa Schneider MSN, RN; (Secretary NNNO); Terri Polick RN (Vice-President NNNO); and Sheryl Oakes-Caddy JD, RN

Members of the National Nursing Network Organization’s Board and supporters traveled again to DC! Joining us for the first time was Sheryl Oakes Caddy, nurse educator and nurse attorney from Oregon. After learning of this initiative during Alisa and Teri’s keynote address at The American Association of Nurse Attorneys annual conference, Sheryl has become an active supporter. TAANA members have been great in continuing to offer their support since endorsing the ONN initiative.

Although we missed the Cherry Blossom Festival by 1 week we did make 15 in person visits and delivered several dozens packets of information to Congressional offices. We want to thank those who made this trip possible for their gracious donations and support-without you we could not have traveled so far and been such a presence!

We were particularly impressed with the amount of work that is being done in Congress by our elected officials and their legislative aides, as well as by our nursing leaders in HRSA, on economic recovery and health care reform. Despite everyone being so busy, they took the time to meet with us and were interested to hear how the ONN initiative fits with the renewed focus on prevention.

For more information on how to have a packet of the Office of the National Nurse initiative information delivered to your Senator or Representative and support the next lobbying trip to DC, please email Teri

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, April 20, 2009  

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