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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Attention Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing Students and Faculty of SON

Pictured is the front and back page of a tri-fold brochure. You are welcome to make copies to distribute to others.

The National Nursing Network Organization continues to hear from graduate and undergraduate nursing students who are studying the ONN initiative and wish to obtain more information. We have recently had conversations by phone, email, and through Facebook with students attending George Washington University, George Mason University, University of Pennsylvania, and UC Irvine. Nurse educators and students from coast to coast believe that the ONN initiative is proactive, timely, sensible, and cost effective with benefits that could be far reaching for the nation.

Many are requesting that we explore the possibility of putting on a teleconference during the summer and/or fall that students and others could participate in without having the expense or burden of travel.

We have discussed this with those who work in the ITV at Portland Community College and they are enthusiastic about providing this opportunity. ITV is a state of the art educational videoconferencing system integrating several technologies and using equipment that is easy to operate.

• Turning on the system simply requires use of a remote control unit to activate a projector. The host has constant, live, visuals of every site.
• Pushing a button activates microphones in front of the participants. Participants at the sites see the presenter, other participants, electronic notes, graphics, videos, and other selected images on a large screen.

Alisa and Teri presented to nursing students from Santa Barbara City College (CA), Mt. Wachusett Community College (MA), and Portland Community College (OR) two years ago and this was very well received.

Please if you are interested in participating in an ITV teleconference about the ONN initiative and we will put plans into motion to make this happen.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Sunday, June 07, 2009  

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