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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Nurses Week Theme "Nurses Building A Health America" Resonates With Supporters of Office of the National Nurse!

Press coverage and public interest in the Office of the National Nurse initiative continues to build and this was indeed the case during National Nurses Week.

Thank you to Kathy Quan RN, BSN, PHN for writing "We Need A National Nurse Now" and posting it on many of her websites. The article definitely resonated with readers and many left excellent comments in support. Keith RN left this statement, "Yes, we need a National Nurse, and we need the position now more than ever.

Nurses are the front line in health care, and we deserve and need recognition and representation at the highest levels.

Nurses' education and approach to problem-solving is uniquely different than that of physicians, and a National Nurse who stands on equal footing with the Surgeon General would add a greatly needed voice to the mix.

It's time for nurses to rise to their full potential. As the most consistently trusted professionals in America in poll after survey, nurses have so much to offer, and a National Nurse would give nurses the power to reach even more Americans with our message of prevention and wellness."

Working Nurse reporter Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN wrote "The Office of the National Nurse" and it is currently the lead story. Hanink states, "Nurses hold a unique position in American healthcare. Over and over, we rank among the most trusted professions. At the same time, we face acute shortages in our numbers. Meanwhile, the United States faces unprecedented pressures: disparities of care, unsustainable costs and epidemics of preventable diseases."

Congratulations to Pat Van Betten MEd, RN who published National nurse last week in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

To the editor:

As a nurse concerned about the health of our nation, I see the recent events centered on the swine flu as another valid reason to create an Office of the National Nurse.

Coupled with the extensive current activities to revise health care and the fact that National Nurses Week's theme (May 6-12) is "Nurses Building a Healthy America," this is the opportune time for legislative action to create an Office of the National Nurse in Washington, D.C.

The potential of the nursing work force to improve our nation's health is too great a resource to waste.

The nation needs, and all nurses deserve, a prominent "national nurse" leader to partner with the U.S. surgeon general who will offer guidance to coordinate the contributions nurses can make year-round to improve the health of our nation.

The movement to create a national nurse is an important initiative with potential for tremendous positive impact in improved health outcomes and cost savings in health care.

It also validates the contributions of nursing and provides respect and year-round appreciation for our valuable nursing work force.

Patricia van Betten


Van Betten, P. (2009). National nurse. Las Vegas Review-Journal. Retrieved May 9, 2009 from

The Board of Directors urges supporters to continue to contact their local media to help spread the word about the Office of the National Nurse initiative. Your efforts are appreciated and will not go unnoticed.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, May 12, 2009  

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