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Monday, August 03, 2009

Governor Howard Dean Supports Proposal for a National Nurse

Few can rival Governor Howard Dean (VT) when it comes to achieving meaningful health reform. During his tenure as Governor of Vermont, he oversaw the expansion of Dr. Dynasaur, a program in Vermont that makes universal health care available for children and pregnant women in the state. The program resulted in the uninsured rate in Vermont dropping to 9.6%, half the national average and helped reduce rates of child abuse and teen pregnancy by 50%.

Since his return to the private sector, Governor Dean has remained committed to establishing quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Americans. Governor Dean has authored a book, Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform. Dean states, “America must shift from an illness-based healthcare system to a wellness-based model. We must develop a healthcare system that is based on wellness and prevention rather than illness intervention.” These statements are in synch with the Office of the National Nurse initiative.

The Vice-President of the National Nursing Network Organization, Terri Polick RN, interviewed Governor Dean last week.

Ms. Polick:
Preventive healthcare is a key component in the healthcare reform debate. What are your thoughts on a proposal that would make the Chief Nurse Officer of the United States Public Health Service the National Nurse? In your opinion, would establishing the Office of the National Nurse have any impact on health promotion or on healthcare reform?

Governor Howard Dean:
“As a lot of people know, I am a huge supporter of the Office of the National Nurse, and since Congress has been slow to act, I am hoping some changes can be made directly by HHS while we await more complete action by Congress.”

Governor Dean joins over 75 prominent national and state organizations and leaders who have endorsed the Office of the National Nurse initiative and we thank him for his support.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, August 03, 2009  

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