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Monday, August 31, 2009

NAHN's Commitment to Hispanic Nurses and Community

Pictured left to right: Maria Elena Ruiz PhD, RN, FNP-BC (NAHN OR Chapter President) and Angie Millan MSN, RN (President Elect NAHN National Organization 2010-2012)

Last week, the Oregon chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses was pleased to have Angie Millan MSN, RN (President Elect NAHN National Organization 2010-2012 and current President, NAHN-Los Angeles Chapter) as an honored guest at their monthly meeting. OR Chapter President Maria Elena Ruiz PhD, RN, FNP-BC began with an inspiring presentation, "Listening to the Voices of Latino Nurses in Oregon: Findings from the Leadership Development Workshops-Latino Nurses in Oregon Speak Out". It was clear from Dr. Ruiz's findings that Oregon Latino nurses are committed to uniting and providing the necessary support, role modeling, and mentoring necessary to empower each other, in addition to lending a voice for Latino issues.

A good portion of the meeting was spent on discussion of health promotion events geared toward the Latino population in Oregon and Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Millan shared that the upcoming annual nursing conference planned in LA would include speakers from the March of Dimes to help educate nurses about what services are available that would be beneficial to children and families they are caring for. The IX Annual Bi-national Health Week taking place October 2-15, 2009, a large scale multi-national health campaign targeted at the Latino community to promote physical activity and healthy eating habits, was also discussed. The goal is to bring awareness and focus to some of the most critical health issues and health disparities that have a significant impact on this under-served group.

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses endorsed the Office of the National Nurse initiative earlier this year. The Board of Directors of the National Nursing Network Organization is honored to have their support. Here is a statement from the letter received from President Norma Martinez Rogers Rogers PhD, RN, FAAN, "The National Nurse would provide a visible nurse leader to advocate for enhanced prevention efforts for all communities. Further, we recognize the potential of having a National Nurse who would be able to meet with health care leaders to highlight health disparities and bring forward new ideas."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, August 31, 2009  

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