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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Americans Called to Serve

Last week President Barack Obama joined former President George H. W. Bush on stage at Texas A & M University to celebrate volunteerism and civic involvement. Now the AARP is helping to reinforce this message.

AARP announced that beginning this week TV audiences will see Prime Time Television programs encouraging community volunteerism. More than 100 popular TV shows representing several major networks will participate in this strong television promotion October 19th through October 25th. Well known celebrities will provide public service announcements and many television program scripts will also incorporate the idea of giving back.

AARP states, "Viewers will be encouraged to find volunteer opportunities in their communities at the Entertainment Industry Foundation's iParticipate website as well as the website for Create the Good, AARP's community service program that is cross-promoting with iParticipate.

AARP has more than 9 million volunteers, donors and activists, age 50 and older, involved in community service. The joint promotion is a way for the two organizations to pursue a common goal-showing Americans how easy it is to make a difference."

This public emphasis on volunteerism will serve to encourage nurses (active, retired, and those in student programs) to consider volunteer activity. Strengthening volunteerism is a major goal for creating the Office of the National Nurse. A National Nurse could offer guidance for effective nurse involvement at many levels to replicate successful prevention programs and address health disparities.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

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