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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hitting the Road in Las Vegas for an Office of the National Nurse

Pictured left to right: Gina Rybolt RN (, Kim McCallister RN (, and Terri Polick RN (

Vice President Terri Polick of the National Nursing Network Organization sent in this report from Blog World Expo 09 that took place last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Johnson and Johnson and Medpages sponsored the medblogger track at the conference where bloggers from around the world gathered to talk about the hot topics that are currently being discussed in the medical blogosphere. The establishment of the Office of the National Nurse was one of those hot topics, and Terri reported she was able to communicate the important role blogs have played in spreading the word about the Office of the National Nurse initiative.

The title of Terri's panel discussion was “Blogging for Change.” During the discussion moderator Dr. Val Jones from Get Better Health, asked each panelist to share a post from their own personal blog that they were most proud of. Terri told the audience that her favorite post, hands down, was her interview with Dr. Howard Dean. Terri went on to say that Governor Dean strongly supports the establishment of the Office of the National Nurse. Dr. Dean understands that a National Nurse is an important step in helping to keep our nation well by promoting wellness and prevention.

Blogs continue to be an important tool for any grassroots organization. The campaign for an Office of the National Nurse is no exception.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, October 19, 2009  

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