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Monday, November 02, 2009

Graduate Students At Wilmington University Study Office of the National Nurse Initiative

University of Wilmington MSN Nursing Students

Graduate and undergraduate nursing students from around the nation continue to enthusiastically study and support the Office of the National Nurse. Cathy Petrucci, a graduate nursing student attending Wilmington University (Delaware), presented a five-minute "infomercial" about the Office of the National Nurse proposal to her Politics and Policy class. She shared the National Nurse web site and blog, and also browsed through the links. Cathy stated there was very positive reception overall. Here are the conclusions that she wrote:

Recommendation and Summary

"Disease prevention and health promotion must be the priority for every healthcare provider. A National Nurse is the ideal person to lead this initiative since these two principles are fundamental to the profession of nursing. The Office of the National Nurse would be a unifying force for all nurses, elevate our influence and prominence, better utilize the expertise of nurses, and serve a vital function in our current climate of healthcare reform. The title of National Nurse would “provide the authority, impetus, and recognition needed to capture the public’s attention, encourage prevention, and raise awareness of a national push for health promotion efforts (Mills et al., 2008).

The impetus of this grass-roots movement is just what nurses need to unify around our core values. This is an unprecedented movement and clearly has captured the attention of America’s nurses. The collective voices of nurses are calling for change, and there is nothing but good to be attained by this initiative."

Mills, T., Scanlon, K., & Sullivan, S. (2008). Nurses and the public say it is time for a change. Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing, 9(1).

Cathy Petrucci, RN, BSN, OCN
Current MSN student at Wilmington University, Wilmington, DE

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, November 02, 2009  

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