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Monday, November 09, 2009

RN Running for Congress Endorses Office of the National Nurse

Pictured: Elizabeth "Betsy" Dennigan RN, Candidate for Congress, Rhode Island 2nd Congressional District

The Board of Directors of the National Nursing Network Organization is pleased to announce and thank U.S. Congressional Candidate Betsy Dennigan for her support for the initiative to create an Office of the National Nurse. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Dennigan is a thirteen-year veteran of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and held a seat on the powerful Finance Committee. Betsy works as an emergency nurse and has a degree in Health Care Administration. Below is her statement of support:

Endorsement for the Office of the National Nurse

It is difficult to find more diverse professionals than in nursing. We are nurse executives in hospitals, government, colleges, non profits and for corporate giants. We are staff nurses in the ED, PEDI, ICU, L&D and NICU. We work in cities and travel to client homes on rural mountain roads. We have taken different paths to our profession and are proud to be a professional nurse.

Due to the diversity of the profession, it is imperative to have a coordinated voice and leader for nursing on the national level. This can be accomplished by an Office of the National Nurse.

During this season's Swine influenza outbreak, I have seen various medical directors and the Surgeon General speak, but the important teammate from nursing has been missing.

Health and safety through prevention will be the hallmark of the Office of the National Nurse. This will bring cost savings, better health outcomes and respect for the leadership the Office will provide to Americans.

I endorse the Office of the National Nurse. I will stand with Congressional leaders of legislation to create an Office of the National Nurse, and will speak out and negotiate successful passage of this bill. You can count on me to work hard for this issue.

Please help me get to Congress by donating in any amount. You can donate online (see below) or to Dennigan For Congress, P.O. Box 8053, Cranston, RI 02920. I do not like to ask, but the reality is that if we want to send a nurse to Congress to speak on all issues affecting nurses (as I have done in the state legislature for 13 years), we need money. The donations are used primarily for TV ads and for staff. Help send a nurse to Congress!

Honorable Betsy Dennigan RN
Candidate for Congress
Rhode Island 2nd Congressional District

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, November 09, 2009  

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Anonymous Retoi 
You have my support. What better way could we nurses amplify our voices than to install a colleague in the congress. I truly hope that the US government would also reconsider the hiring of foreign nurses and give them the chance to graze in the country's rich pastures. I am a Filipino nurse and have been relentlessly working on my papers to practice my profession in the US so I could help my family here in the Philippines but the retrogression still hampers my dream. Opportunities for nurses in my country are pathetic. I'm hopeful that the US would realize the dreams of thousands of Filipino nurses...