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Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Year in Review

The Office of the National Nurse Initiative continues to resonate with nurses who like the majority of Americans, rank prevention as the most important health care reform priority, and overwhelmingly support increasing funding for prevention programs to reduce disease and keep people healthy. You are all extremely important in our work to create an Office of the National Nurse- THANK YOU to the hundreds of you who tirelessly provided us with advice, expertise, and support this past year!

In the past four years, 400 posts have been written for the website and we have received over 100,000 visitors! The News Link recently received recognition; it is ranked number three in the Health/Nurse category of Hundreds have now signed up for the National Nurse Campaign on Facebook.

Trust for America’s Health sent a thank you to the House of Representatives for their strong support of evidence-based prevention in the “Affordable Health Care for America Act; their note included the Office of the National Nurse logo!

We are especially grateful to the next generation of nurses. Nursing students have been instrumental in providing support and gaining endorsements. Thanks to PCC student nurses who are now RNs, a joint resolution urging the US Congress to enact legislation to create an Office of the National Nurse passed overwhelmingly in both branches of the Oregon State Legislature. Oregon joins Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont who had already passed similar resolutions.

The National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO) participated in three health promotion events: Heart Smart in the Park, Love Your Heart Healthy Living Fair, and the Haunted Hospital.

The National Nurse newsletter goes out to thousands- please email Teri if you know of others who are interested in receiving these updates.

Several of you sent us cash donations, via Click and Pledge or mailed the NNNO checks. We greatly appreciate this support to help maintain our website, mailing list, and brief travels to educate others about the ONN Initiative. In March 2009 we traveled to Washington DC and met with several members of Congress, their staff, and also with leaders who serve in the USPHS.

For anyone who wishes to take a trip down memory lane, click on the archived months of 2009 found at to follow our journey.

Several organizations and prominent individuals endorsed the ONN initiative in 2009, including:

• Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association
• Carla Mills ARNP, BSN, MSN, FNP-C
• Case Management Society of America
• Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, CS, RN-BC
• DMAA-The Care Continuum Alliance
• Edie Brous RN BSN MSN MPH JD
• Governor Howard Dean (VT)
• JNESO District Council 1 IUOE- AFL/CIO
• Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD
• MammaCare Foundation
• National Nurses in Business Association
• Oregon State Legislature
• Oregonians for Health Security
• Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
• Philippine Nurses Association of America
• RNs Working Together
• State Delegate Margaret Vanderhye (VA)
• State Representative Terri Austin (IN) Original Sponsor 2009 Resolution
• State Representative Michael Dembrow (OR) and State Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson-Original Sponsors 2009 Joint Resolution
• United American Nurses AFL-CIO (UAN)
• United Nurses of America (AFSCME)
• US Congressional Candidate Elizabeth Dennigan RN (RI)
• Working Nurse

A complete list of all our endorsers can be found at


Our board members traveled to Portland (Oregon), Burlington (Vermont) and Washington DC) to present the Office of the National Nurse Initiative. Please contact us if you are interested in inviting members of the NNNO Board to your classroom or meetings so that others may receive information about the proposal. Please be aware that CEUs have been made available in the past for those attending conferences.

Here a list of presentations that we gave during 2009:

• Concordia University (Portland, Oregon) – March 2009
• Washington County Public Affairs Forum – April 2009
• Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education – May 2009
• Democracy Fest (Burlington, Vermont) – July 2009


“The Office of the National Nurse” by Mills and Schneider appeared in Volume 13 of The Journal of Nursing Law. Editor in Chief Suzanne Edgett Collins, RN, MPH, JD, PhD and Assistant Editor Diane Kjervik, JD, MSN, RN, FAAN eloquently wrote the following in their editorial that preceded this manuscript, "Mills and Schneider, as founders of the movement to establish an Office of the National Nurse, address the challenging crises that our national health system faces and promote the establishment of the an Office of the National Nurse. They argue that the Office of the National Nurse is a fundamental, necessary change in the traditional thinking about professional nursing's role in health promotion and disease prevention on a national level."

Additional articles published about the Office of the National Nurse in 2009 include:

• ADVANCE for LPNs – June 2009
• American Federation of Teachers Health Wire May/June 2009
• American Federation of Teachers-Oregon newsletter March 2009, July 2009, October 2009
• American Journal of Nursing January 2009 and April 2009
• American Journal of Nursing Off the Charts September 2009
• American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses Breathline March/April 2009
• Journal of Nursing Law 13 (1) 2009
• Las Vegas Review Journal May 2009
• MedHunters November 2009
• Nevada RNformation May/June 2009
• Nursing 2009-March edition
• Oregonian March 2009
• Vermont Nurse Connection Nov/Dec 2009, Jan 2010
• Working Nurse California and Arizona issues; May 2009

On TV and the Radio:

Broadcast presentations include:

January 2009 Reach MD
April 2009 Washington County Public Affairs Forum
July 2009 Center for Media and Democracy

Quote for the Day

"There is no use trying, said Alice; one can't believe impossible things. I dare say you haven't had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Lewis Carroll

We wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays and look forward to 2010!
Alisa, Teri, Terri, Susan

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, December 21, 2009  

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Anonymous ArdorHealth 
Wow 400 posts! Seems like you've been really busy, keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!