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Friday, January 15, 2010

Nurses Step Forward to Respond to Haitian Earthquake Disaster

Nurses are responding to the tragedy in Haiti in many ways. The National Nursing Network Organization has received numerous emails asking for information on how to volunteer from nurses wanting to help the disaster victims in Haiti. Their actions graphically demonstrate how many nurses are willing to volunteer when needed, whether the need is in their own local communities or internationally. Those nurses who are able to do so will go quickly to the disaster area where they are desperately needed to provide direct care. Others will help at home organizing support efforts such as collection of appropriate needed supplies via faith-based organizations or assisting at their local American Red Cross disaster services office.

Nursing can be very proud of the altruism displayed by our colleagues and the National Nursing Network Organization commends all who volunteer alongside the military and humanitarian organization efforts.

For more information on health recommendations for those going to Haiti, be sure to review the CDC Health and Safety Recommendations for Relief Workers Responding to Disaster posted on the CDC website.

Nurses can be very helpful in advising and suggesting ways communities can make the most of needed donations. The Center for International Disaster Relief has information posted as well as the following phone numbers:

Donation/Volunteer Related Calls: 703-276-1914
Media Calls: 202-821-1983

Thanks to our esteemed public health nurse colleague in California for also recommending nurses check out National Nurse Response Team (NNRT) as well as their local Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). The NNRT makes them a Federal asset in case of disaster, and they get paid. The MRC is for local volunteers. In both cases, nurses will become part of a team with the ability to respond as needed.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Friday, January 15, 2010  

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