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Monday, March 08, 2010

Meet With Your U.S. Representatives!

Great news… did you know that your own U.S. Representative will be at home during March 29-April 9th; Congress is in recess during this time. You and other supporters are encouraged to call their local office and make appointments to discuss and advocate for HR 4601 The National Nurse Act of 2010. To assist you in finding out who your Representative is and to find their phone number, visit this Take Action Link.

These appointments are important and effective because a voting constituent always has the attention of their elected official. These meetings are also fun and very rewarding because you personally have taken action to make a difference in improving the nation’s health. If you happen to be an undergraduate or graduate nursing student, this is also an excellent way to fulfill a class project on leadership, policy-making, and political activism.

The Nursing Network Organization has put together materials and talking points to help make your visit a success. Please email the NNNO Board to receive materials that you can print from your own computer to take with you.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, March 08, 2010  

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