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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank You Congressman David Wu (OR-1)

Pictured: Congressman David Wu (OR-1)

The National Nursing Network Organization and supporters thank Congressman David Wu (OR-1) for his co-sponsorship of HR 4601 The National Nurse Act of 2010.

Here Congressman Wu's statement:
“Nurses are on the front line of our health care system. By educating the public about health promotion and working closely with patients to explain diagnoses, treatments, and prevention methods, nurses can play a key role in reducing overall health costs. Similarly, the National Nurse can play a key role in health care reform by advocating for nurses and supporting national efforts to help Americans lead healthier lives. The National Nurse can also serve as a strong promoter of nursing education, helping nurses provide even better, more effective treatment for patients.”

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, March 23, 2010  

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Anonymous aspiring nurse 
thank you sir for stressing the importance of nurses in health care! my mom is a nurse and i want to be like her. its difficult to get into nursing schools in U.K.and U.S. and i believe the HR 4601 can help us a lot here in Cali.