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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Positive Non-Partisan News for Health Care Reform Package

Pictured left to right: Elizabeth McPhee, Craig Grover, Jennifer Reed
For Immediate Release:

America’s future nurses advocate for national nurse leader for prevention

Student nurses gather in Orlando, Florida for National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) convention.

Orlando, Florida: Portland Community College (PCC) student nurses Craig Grover and Jennifer Reed, led by USA Today Coca Cola Silver Scholar and PCC SNA chapter President Elizabeth McPhee, will be presenting a resolution in the NSNA House of Delegates on Friday, April 9, asking that the Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) position within the US Public Health Service (USPHS) be known as the National Nurse to serve as a leader in a nationwide focus on health promotion and illness prevention.

Congressman Earl Blumenhauer (OR-3) introduced HR 4601, the National Nurse Act of 2010 as he too recognizes the need for a visible nurse leader for Public Health. “Although the legislative battle of enacting health reform is over, the real work of implementation is just beginning and nurses play a critical role in building a more effective health care system for all Americans. In recognition of National Public Health Week, we remember that our nurses stand on the front lines in fighting public health challenges like chronic illness and obesity, and moving our infrastructure from "sick-care" to "health-care." Establishing a full-time National Nurse is an important way to make heard the voices of thousands of dedicated nurses across the nation. A National Nurse position will complement the work of the Surgeon General in addressing our country's public health challenges.” --Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Students felt compelled to advocate for this leadership role after learning that Americans rank prevention as the number one most important health care reform priority (Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Reform Poll, 2009). “As our country shifts towards a nationwide focus on prevention and health promotion we believe it is nurses who should be standing at the forefront of this reformation” states McPhee. “We believe nurses are the ideal messengers to deliver health promotion messages as this is the cornerstone of every nurse's practice.”

The National Nurse will serve as a leader in the nationwide focus on health promotion and illness prevention. Duties of this position will be to complement the work of the Surgeon General, and to enhance existing prevention networks by encouraging nurses to replicate successful health promotion programs in their local communities, thereby strengthening existing public health partnerships.

Alisa Schneider, MSN, RN faculty advisor to the PCC SNA chapter will accompany the students. “These future nurses have a very different energy for their new profession than past generations. They recognize the importance of the nurse’s unique voice and want to play a role in decisions that are made for their profession. The time is ideal for them to advocate for leadership in health promotion and prevention”, says Schneider.

HR 4601 has been endorsed by dozens of prominent organizations and individuals and the students’ goal is to add NSNA to this list.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, April 06, 2010  

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