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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

National Nurse Team Visit to Capitol Hill A Success!

Pictured left to right: NNNO Board Secretary Susan Sullivan MSN, PHN, RN; NNNO Board Member Terri Polick RN; NNNO Advocacy Team Member Elizabeth McPhee RN; NNNO Advocacy Team Member NH State Representative Marcia Moody; NNNO President Teri Mills MS, RN, CNE; and NNNO Board Member Debbie Orre MSN, RN

Thank you to your generous donations that supported the following individuals who joined NNNO Board Members Teri Mills, Terri Polick, and Susan Sullivan last week in Washington DC: Elizabeth McPhee from OR, Laura Stokowski from VA, State Representative Marcia Moody from NH, Debbie Orre from MA, and Tara Candela from VA. The National Nurse Team met with the staff of 2 US Senators and as well as staffers from the offices of 22 US Representatives.

As supporters of HR 4601 The National Nurse Act of 2010 walked the long halls and rode the elevators in the house office buildings, staff also approached them from other offices who requested that they stop by and leave information for their member to consider. Wearing National Nurse buttons and having postcards, business cards, and informational packets proved to be worthwhile and necessary. But the strategy that most engaged the staff was asking them about other nurses in their family, or how a nurse has impacted their life in a special way. This inquiry always brought a flood of positive comments and opened dialogue on the importance of nurses being involved in healthcare and especially in health promotion and prevention!

Members were very excited to meet with the National Nurse team. Comments that were repeatedly heard include:

“This legislation could help and support current efforts to organize the deliver of health promotion and prevention messages.”

“This bill is cost neutral and the timing is perfect!”

“Great idea, easy to implement.”

“Nurses are on the frontlines of prevention and deserve recognition.”

“You (the team/supporters) are speaking our language.”

“This is a great idea for culturally diverse communities that do not have access to health care.”

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, September 21, 2010  

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Blogger Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN 
CONGRATS on your success!!! Must feel good to have made a difference. Thanks for your efforts!!!