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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How Would a National Nurse Could Help Promote Prevention?

The NNNO Board of Directors frequently receives email requests to post information on the National Nurse Newslink. Many individuals have a vision for how HR 4601 The National Nurse Act of 2010 could be implemented, such as partnering with existing agencies that already have information ready to be disseminated and strengthening the relationship between government agencies and health-related national organizations. Recently, Joe Lederman from wrote us the following. It is a good example of the kind of key information a National Nurse could disburse as appropriate.

"Global health issues arise from a number of issues; poverty and poor health systems as contributing factors. Many people would also name drug abuse as a contributing factor to the unhealthy world we live in.

A less understood issue arising from poor health systems is that our use, or rather abuse, of prescription drugs has the potential for more harm than good. Thankfully, there are resources available to us as consumers to know what to watch for and how to improve our use of drugs. is a comprehensive web site featuring extensive information about medications, drug interactions, and drug side effects to aid in the protection of patients and consumers. By providing FDA alerts, drug interactions, and potential side effects on the site, patients have access to valuable knowledge that could enhance their ability to voice concerns with their doctor and improve their quality of care.

To avoid adverse reactions and serious side effects, patients should understand which additional drugs may affect their medication and should speak with a doctor about interactions and potential side effects associated with the use of a combination of medications.

Side effects may occur following the use of certain drugs, as patients respond differently to medications depending on a variety of factors including age, overall health, gender, ethnicity, and the levels of severity of the illness or disease the patient is fighting.

Side effects may also occur as a result of taking a certain medication in combination with another drug or substance, whether it is a prescription medication, over-the-counter drug, herbal supplement, or food or drink. Beginning treatment with a new medication, ceasing treatment, or adjusting a patient's dosage may also cause a patient to experience unwanted reactions to medications.

By providing alerts, drug information and side effects about prescription and over the counter medications, we can ensure an environment where patients, nurses and physicians have the best knowledge on their medical treatment plans and health."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, October 19, 2010  

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Blogger staying informed 
In this day and age, many people still feel nurses are trustworthy people. A person with an official "National Nurse" title would be a huge asset to society. People will be more apt to listen to medical advice. If this person were to advocate for an offical drugwatch website, the incidents related to drug interactions consequences would decrease sharply. On both the patient's side as well as the medical provider's side. I have searched this site on many occassions using it as a quick refrence tool. It is a very educational, easy to understand website.