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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome Debbie Orre to the NNNO Board of Directors !

Pictured left to right: State Rep. Marcia Moody (NH) and Debbie Orre MSN, RN

Until her recent retirement, Debbie Orre MSN, RN practiced nursing at her local community hospital for over thirty years. During the last nine years of her career, Debbie served as the Dean of Nursing Education at Holyoke Community College (MA) and Dean of the Department of Health Science at Mt. Wachusett Community College (MA). During her tenure at the latter, Debbie oversaw a budget of nearly one million dollars and was responsible for three program accreditations as well as overseeing the development of multiple new courses. Debbie has published many articles including an editorial in the November 2006 issue of the American Journal of Nursing, "LPNs and the Nursing Shortage".

Debbie is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts: Amherst. The topic of her dissertation is Community College Nursing Programs and the Spirit of Inclusion.

Debbie Orre volunteering in Haiti

Volunteerism is a mainstay of Debbie's practice. She has traveled twice to Haiti since this country's devastating earthquake and helped to treat many injured Haitians. Debbie is a long time board member of the Gardner Visiting Nurses Association and presently serves as the President. Debbie has been committed to seeing a National Nurse for health promotion and prevention since the idea was first introduced to the nation in 2005. She helped to organize a statewide conference at Mt Wachusett Community College in 2006 that featured keynote speakers from the National Nursing Network Organization. As a result her nursing students pursued and were successful in seeing the passage of a resolution in the Massachusetts General Court, the state legislative body of Massachusetts, urging the US Congress to enact legislation to create a National Nurse position in 2008.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, October 28, 2010  

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