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Monday, January 03, 2011

More on the Need for a Visible Nurse Leader for Health Promotion and Prevention

The Department of Health and Human Services has released its Healthy People 2020 recommendations. The full report can be accessed at

“Too many people are not reaching their full potential for health because of preventable conditions,” said Assistant Secretary for Health Howard K. Koh, M.D., M.P.H. “Healthy People is the nation’s roadmap and compass for better health, providing our society a vision for improving both the quantity and quality of life for all Americans.”

The Future of Nursing : Leading Change, Advancing Health published on behalf of the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, also calls for more nurse leaders throughout healthcare. The November/December 2010 issue of The American Nurse quotes American Nurses Association President Karen Daley, "If we are indeed successful with health care reform, the model of care will not be based on the disease process, but on disease prevention and health promotion."

The Vice Chair of the 17-member committee that produced this report, Linda Burnes Bolton DrPH, RN, FAAN who is also an ANA member in California states, "This report shows that nursing has done so much for the nation's health, but the opportunity exists for us to do so much more." Burnes Bolten continues, "Nurses have had many opportunities to lead, but often it's been in limited ways. We not only want nurses to be at the table when decisions are being made, but we want nurses to lead (health care and health care system efforts). And if nurses are allowed to lead, they will come up with innovative ways to bring up health care and make the world a better place."

Supporters of efforts to create a National Nurse believe that by making the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS more visible to the public and all practicing nurses as our nation's National Nurse will result in a huge window of opportunity to promote a healthier nation.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, January 03, 2011  

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