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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Writes Powerful Op/Ed

Pictured: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)

Thank you to Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) for writing an inspiring op/ed this month to honor and acknowledge our nation’s nurses. This article, Recognizing and Thanking Our Committed Nurses, was published in the Huffington Post during Nurses Week. Here are a few paragraphs we would like to share with you:

“While our country continues to shift towards a nationwide focus on prevention and promotion, I believe that nurses should be standing in the forefront of this reformation. It is for this reason that I propose that we as a Nation designate a National Nurse for Public Health. The National Nurse would function alongside the Surgeon General and focus on health promotion, improving health literacy, and decreasing health disparities.

National Nurses Week, May 6-12th, is dedicated to acknowledging the hard work, patience, and service that our nurses provide. This year’s theme is “Nurses: Caring, Leading, Advocating”. Nurses deserve more than one week of recognition for their tireless work in healthcare.  To highlight and showcase the extraordinary work that nurses do each and every day, last year I introduced the National Nurse Act of 2011.

This bill elevates the status of the Chief Nurse Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service to bring greater visibility and recognition of the contributions of nurses to the pubic health, health promotion, and disease prevention. While it is the responsibility of every health professional to emphasize wellness, it is nurses who are in the ideal position to deliver these messages. The relationship that nurses have with their patients is truly the cornerstone of every nurse’s practice. Nurses are present in every community, in hospitals, clinics, schools, workplaces, and in the military, and they spend more time with patients than any other health professional.

The National Nurse Act of 2011 has bipartisan support in Congress and is worthy of becoming law. As a Nation, we should recognize and thank our committed nurses by supporting this legislation. The fundamental care nurses provide promotes social justice and wellness to millions of Americans each year. In the words of Florence Nightingale, “I think ones feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all be distilled into actions which bring results.”

Please do as others already have!  Consider posting a link to this article on your Facebook Wall or add a comment at the end of the story. Also, please email it to those who might be interested in learning more about HR 3679, The National Nurse Act of 2011.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Sunday, May 20, 2012  

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