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Monday, June 04, 2012

HR 3679, the National Nurse Act of 2011 Receives Powerful Backing

Pictured: Congressman Steven C. LaTourette (OH-14)
HR 3679, the National Nurse Act of 2011 received powerful backing this past month from several prominent members of the House of Representatives. Signing on as co-sponsors to this legislation were:
Congressman LaTourette is the Co-Chair of the 112th Congressional House Nursing Caucus and many of these US Representatives also participate in this important group. The Caucus is non-partisan and provides a forum and opportunity for members of Congress to discuss and act upon matters that are of particular concern to the nursing community.
HR 3679 currently has 38 co-sponsors but more are needed to help the bill move forward. If you are interested in contacting your US Representative, please email NNNO Board of Directors for who to contact and important points to include in a phone call or a letter.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, June 04, 2012  

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