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Monday, October 15, 2012

Words from A Supporter of The National Nurse Act

Pictured: Congressman David Cicilline (RI-1); Sharon Wollschlager RN, C (NNNO Advocacy Team Member); and Lucie Guillemette Burdick Clinical Training Specialist, RI Department of Health and Human Services

Why I support HR 3679, The National Nurse Act:

As an RN for 30 plus years, I have worked in many and interesting settings, including a walk-in clinic, a hospital emergency department, and most recently, as a community health nurse, working in the office of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology for the State of Rhode Island. I retired this past November 2011. In these positions I have cared for and counseled many people, knowing that their illnesses may have been prevented if they had been privy to prevention and wellness programs.

Therefore, I believe that nurses play a vital role in educating members of the general public regarding wellness and the prevention of disease. The passage of the National Nurse Act would bring more visibility to our part in this key element of disease prevention and promote programs that focus on prevention and wellness. I had the opportunity to speak to my Congressman, David Cicilline, regarding this bill and I explained the importance of its passage, from my perspective. After he read the bill, he agreed and informed me that he has signed on as a co-sponsor!

Sharon Morrow Wollschlager RN, C
Bristol, RI

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, October 15, 2012  

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Great work Sharon and Congressman David Cicilline! As the sister of an Registered Nurse I know how hard you all work and how dedicated you are to caring for those in need.