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Monday, January 28, 2013

Portland Community College Board of Directors Passes Resolution in Support of National Nurse Act

Pictured right to left: Denise Frisbee JD (Chair, Portland Community College Board of Directors); Jim Harper (Portland Community College Board of Directors); and Teri Mills MS, RN, CNE (President, National Nursing Network Organization and Recipient of the William H. Meardy Pacific Region Faculty Member Award by the Association of Community College Trustees)

Thank you to the Portland Community College Board of Directors support for the National Nurse Act of 2011. The Board voted and passed the following resolution in support:

November 15, 2012


PREPARED BY: Linda Gerber, Campus President, Sylvania

APPROVED BY: Dr. Preston Pulliams, District President

REPORT:  PCC recognizes that the rise in chronic preventable conditions affects our students’ lives and, therefore, impacts their ability to be academically successful, and that the $1.3 trillion currently spent managing these preventable conditions could be made available to promote health and education (Milken Institute, 2007). (

The National Nurse Act of 2011 (HR 3679) amends the Public Health Service Act to establish the position of National Nurse for Public Health within the Office of the Surgeon General and includes among the duties of such position providing leadership and coordination of Public Health Service nursing professional affairs for the Office of the Surgeon General and other agencies of the Public Health Service, conducting media campaigns, and providing guidance and leadership for activities that will increase public safety and emergency preparedness. The National Nurse Act requires the National Nurse for Public Health to:

  1. Participate in identification of national health priorities,
  2. Encourage volunteerism of nurses and strengthen the relationship between government agencies and health-related national organizations, and
  3. Promote the dissemination of evidence-based practice in educating the public on health promotion and disease prevention activities. PCC faculty have conceptualized and are leading the national effort for this legislation, and the entire Oregon House Congressional Delegation, the Oregon State Legislature, and many recognized Oregon organizations, including the Oregon Nurses Association and many Oregon community leaders have endorsed the National Nurse Act. This bill is non-partisan, does not require additional allocations/funding, and can be implemented immediately.

RECOMMENDATION: That the Board support the National Nurse Act and endorse it by becoming a signatory on the Endorsement Page of the National Nurse for Public Health Website (

If your organization is interested in becoming an endorser of the National Nurse Act, please email the NNNO Board of Directors.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, January 28, 2013  

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