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Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogs Highlight Importance of H.R. 485, The National Nurse Act of 2013

Thank you to the many bloggers who have written posts about H.R. 485 The National Nurse Act of 2013 to help get the word out about this important legislation.

Keith Carlson BSN, RN who is the lead blogger for Digital Doorway, with permission re-published the National Nursing Network Organization's press release. This includes quotes from the bill's lead sponsor, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) that highlight her dedication to nursing and improving public health. Click here to read more. published a post, National Nurse Act of 2013 Needs Your Support. "If Congress approves, a visible National Nurse for Public Health/CNO, respected and recognized by the nation, will be an impetus to promote local interventions, strengthen the Medical Reserve Corps, and bolster public health infrastructure by mobilizing willing nurses and other health care professionals to work with their local community programs to increase prevention. More information is available at The National Nurse for Public Health".

Finally, Jamie Davis, host of The Nursing Show, accurately and concisely writes New Bill for National Nurse for Public Health. Davis states, "Nurses have a long history of taking the lead in public health initiatives, often working behind the scenes. This would allow Nesseler to help set policy and improve nurses reach to increase health literacy and reach underserved communities, reducing health disparities in the country."

He goes on to say, "I urge you to support this movement which pushes nurses to the forefront of public health policy in this country. You can also contact your congressman or woman and tell them you support this bill to create a national nurse for public health position. It will not create a new position which is important in this time of budget cuts and spending oversight. It merely re-designates the current chief nursing officer position. I hope you’ll support this initiative."

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, April 22, 2013  

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