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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Newsy Video on H.R. 485, The National Nurse Act of 2013

Newsy is the latest news agency to publish information about H.R. 485, The National Nurse Act of 2013. The mission of Newsy is to accelerate the understanding of a news story. According to its website, Newsy "is the only video news service that allows users to compare news sources from around the world to see how a story unfolds. Newsy has rotating editorial teams that monitor each day's news. Their reporters research blogs, newspapers, magazines, television and scan the Internet. As part of that process, they utilize a proprietary technology to record and capture content which allows their teams to sift through hours and hours of media in an efficient way. Newsy is constantly on the lookout for new and fresh perspectives, always searching for new ways to find information.

After selection of sources, reporters begin to synthesize the final product. They work together to research, write and edit our stories, paying close attention to providing our audience with unique perspectives and analysis of the differences in coverage. Stories are then written by a diverse team of people with many voices working together to create a unique final product."

Please take two minutes to watch this video produced by Newsy, National Nurse Proposal to Revamp Chief Nurse Officer. The piece is accurate and there are several informative segments that will help viewers gain a better understanding of what is being asked for in The National Nurse Act of 2013.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Wednesday, July 03, 2013  

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