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Monday, August 19, 2013

Visiting Nurses Association of America Endorses H.R. 485

Thank you to the Visiting Nurses Association of America (VNAA) for their endorsement of H.R. 485, The National Nurse Act of 2013. VNAA represents roughly 2,000 nonprofit home health and hospice agencies in 40 states. According the VNAA website, “members still embody Lillian Wald’s founding principle by sharing the desire to provide cost-effective and compassionate home health and hospice care to some of the nation's/p>

Below is the letter of support President and CEO Tracey Moorhead sent to Representatives Johnson and King:

Dear Representative Johnson and King:

On behalf of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA), I would like to thank you for sponsoring the National Nurse Act of 2013 (H.R. 485), as well as express our full support of this legislation. If passed by Congress, this legislation would enhance the critical role nursing occupies in our country’s health care infrastructure by establishing a full-time National Nurse of Public Health.

VNAA represents nonprofit home health and hospice agencies across the United States. Our members and their staff of committed nursing professionals serve patients with chronic conditions, as well as provide transitional care and chronic care management. They serve patients regardless of their ability to pay and work to support their communities through wellness programs and vaccination campaigns.

Now more than ever, nurses must continue to be proactive in the fight against illness and disease. We recognize the potential of having the National Nurse for Public Health as a representative who would meet with health care leaders to determine ways to address continued health disparities and access issues for the country’s most vulnerable.

We thank you for introducing this legislation and are ready work with you and other health care advocates to help move this legislation forward.


Tracey Moorhead
President and CEO

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, August 19, 2013  

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