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Monday, July 07, 2014

NNNO Board and Advocacy Team Returning to DC

The National Nurse Team will be returning to Washington DC this September and your help is needed! Airfares from the West to the East Coast have skyrocketed, and your contribution will help to ensure that this trip is equally as successful to those taken in the past.

There are three ways that you can make a donation. Visit the National Nurse PayPal Page and consider making a one time or monthly donation. Small recurring donations help immensely as these add up and make a difference.

Pictured: NNNO Board Members Elizabeth McPhee RN, Katie Hall MSN, RN, and Teri Mills MS, RN, CNE

Another option has been made available via an NNNO Advocacy Team member, Tara Candela, who has set up a page on Go Fund Me, with a goal of raising $3,000. This is the cost of two hotel rooms that will each sleep three supporters for three nights and three air tickets.

You also may contact the NNNO Board if you prefer to mail a check. For contributions of $20 or more, the team will place a certificate in your honor inside an informational packet that will be hand delivered to the offices of your U.S. Representative or Senators while we are on Capitol Hill. Thank you to those who have sent in donations from California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Virginia.

*The NNNO is a 501c4 non-profit organization, but is not tax exempt (because our purpose is to lobby for the initiative) and therefore your contributions are NOT tax deductible.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, July 07, 2014  

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