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Monday, December 29, 2014

Current Status of The National Nurse Act

The 113th Congress is coming to a conclusion and although The National Nurse Act of 2013 did not pass, there is much to celebrate. It is especially rewarding that so many working nurses, retirees, undergraduate and graduate nursing students regularly contact the National Nursing Network Organization(NNNO) to obtain information and offer assistance. It is this grassroots altruistic spirit that has propelled the success of this campaign and we are grateful to each and every person who has participated and provided support.

The NNNO is fortunate to have a committed and enthusiastic all volunteer Board of Directors. There are now 65 activists on the NNNO Advocacy Team that include state representatives, nurse leaders, attorneys, and stakeholders. These individuals continue to use their many talents and time to encourage and gain support from their elected officials for H.R. 485 /S. 1475.

The Advocacy Team has also been busy spreading the word about this campaign through publications, presentations and social media. If you belong to Facebook, please join The National Nurse Campaign group. Sign up and add others so that they too can learn about the ongoing efforts to designate the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS as the National Nurse for Public Health. If you are on Twitter, follow @aNationalNurse for important announcements and updates.

The National Nurse newsletter goes out to thousands- please email the NNNO Board if you know of others who are interested in receiving these updates.

The NNNO is grateful to the many of you who sent in donations, some in the form of checks and others via recurring monthly donations through PayPal. The popular $20 campaign continued and over 150 informational packets were personally delivered to members of Congress on behalf of those who made these twenty-dollar contributions.

Another great way to support the campaign is by purchasing a mug, magnet, button, bumper sticker, or t-shirt at Café Press. We greatly appreciate this financial support to help maintain the website, mailing list, and brief travels to educate others about the need for a National Nurse for Public Health.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, December 29, 2014  

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