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Monday, February 09, 2015

Signatory Letter in Support of HR 379 The National Nurse Act of 2015

Over 145 organizations and prominent individuals endorsed the National Nurse Act of 2013 and their support is expected to continue for H.R. 379, The National Nurse Act of 2015. The NNNO has contacted each supporter, sending each a copy of the new bill. A request was made to ask permission for the NNNO to add their organization to a new Signatory Letter addressed to Congress that reflects the current legislation. Although there were some changes made to H.R. 379, all parties involved believe these revisions strengthen the bill language and will help in assuring its passage.

Organizations are urged to please email the NNNO Board to receive a copy of the signatory letter if you are interested in supporting The National Nurse Act of 2015. We find when organizations take the time to review and study the legislation they overwhelmingly decide to endorse it.

Please inform the nursing organizations you belong to know that you would like them to share this effort with constituent members so that all nurses can join in the discussion and have an opportunity to participate.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, February 09, 2015  

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