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Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I Support the National Nurse Act of 2015

Theresa Brown PhD, RN, BSN

Thank you to Theresa Brown, nurse and contributor to The New York Times, for writing in support of H.R. 379 The National Nurse Act of 2015. Her opinion piece, Why I Support the National Nurse Act of 2015 , was published recently by the Center for Health Media Policy.

Brown describes her nursing school experience during a role-play activity in which she proclaimed, “I’m just the nurse”, quickly being corrected by her faculty. According to Brown, one justification for promoting the National Nurse Act is that it will help improve the public image of nursing. She also gives many other reasons why the National Nurse Act deserves full support. These include the role of the nurse in health promotion and disease prevention as well as the potential a National Nurse for Public Health would have in being a “go to resource for information and reassurance during emergent public health crises such as the recent Ebola and measles outbreaks.

Brown concludes her piece by saying she now recognizes how important the job of a clinical nurse is. “Passing H.R. 379 could start a real conversation with the public about improving and maintaining our nation’s health. It would also make clear on a national level that there never has been any such thing as “just a nurse.”

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The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, April 20, 2015  

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